Saturday, 17 June 2017

5 Things To Do In Abu Dhabi

One of the lesser known facts about Abu Dhabi is that apart from being the Capital of the United Arab Emirates, it also houses federal Government offices, is the seat of the UAE Government, home to the President of UAE & his Royal Emiri family. Abu Dhabi still remains the lesser known cousin of Dubai but there are a ton of things to do in Abu Dhabi & it's actually just as much fun as it's fancy cousin, Dubai! I put together a list of the Top 5 Things To Do in Abu Dhabi. Hope you enjoy them:

1) Ferrari World
This world famous amusement park located on the man made, Yas Island is a complete tourist spot. With the largest space frame structure & the world's fastest roller coaster, the Formula Rossa, it sure is a hit with the tourists! 

2) Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
This beauty draws most of the tourists that visit Abu Dhabi owing to its beautiful structure made from marbles from the different parts of the world & has four Minarets. Its the largest mosiac structure in the world is is such a peaceful spot! Be careful about your attire as they are strict about it but you can wear clothes that cover your arms, legs & head and you're good to go. Clearly I clicked the most of my pictures here! ;)

3) Bab Al Qasr Hotel & Emirates Palace Hotel
The citizens of Abu Dhabi are considered to be wealthy and this is well reflected in the architecture all around the city. From tall rises to similar looking building modeled on the lines of the Louvre, Kuala Lumpur Towers etc are a must see!

4) Abu Dhabi Corniche & Heritage Village
Corniche is walkway on the beach front with the views of the sea as well as Abu Dhabi's skyline. Settle yourself on one of the benches & it's just fun to people-watch! Heritage Village is sort of like a museum where the traditional oasis village life of UAE has been recreated depicting the Bedouin lifestyle. Highly recommend the restaurant inside as the food was expensive but delicious!

5) Abu Dhabi Desert Safari
One thing you really cannot miss out on is the desert safari in Abu Dhabi. It's a fabulous experience. They have various traditional dance performances along with a buffet spread of local dishes. I didn't go for the safari in Abu Dhabi as I already did it in Dubai but I did visit it during sunset & the sight was breathtaking!

This marked the end of my trip to Abu Dhabi & it was such a lovely experience!

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Thursday, 25 May 2017

Effortlessly Beautiful ft Aurelia

Working a 9-5 job & managing a blog simultaneously isn’t easy at all! I struggle to keep up with the work in office & I struggle to keep up with posting all the brand collaboration content on time. But, guess what? Nothing of this would be possible without sheer love for the work I do, be it blogging for brands or corporate communications for my company. There are times when you are challenged being a woman & you just have to go out there & prove yourself, leaving no stone unturned. I have always believed that being a woman was never a setback, but only a blessing. We are beautiful. Beautiful in the way we work, beautiful in the way we love in our relationships, beautiful in the way we swiftly execute tasks on the job & ‘Effortlessly Beautiful’ in the way we execute the Marriage of being a working woman with being a home maker. To celebrate our womanhood, I put together three looks by Aurelia, to showcase their ‘Effortlessly Beautiful’ collection of various storyboards for their Spring Summer 2017 range.

Rooted in the rich heritage of traditional Indian crafts and design, Aurelia is a fashion brand that offers classic and tasteful designs in various ensembles. With an expansive range of styles, colours, fabrics, silhouettes, prints, patterns and embroidery – Aurelia is as perfect to be worn in a commonplace setting as well as on special occasions. Aurelia’s newest collection attempts to capture the inner beauty of a woman like the beaming sun forming a spectacle, so fashion-forward. Beauty and grace come together once again embodying the indisputable charm of being a woman; with a soul and heart of an Indian. She is pretty, she is elegant; she is totally herself, inherently traditional  and ‘Effortlessly Beautiful’ . Aurelia has different collections categorized into stories like Damas'Q & Jaisalmer depicting different moods suitable for different occasions! Shop their collection on

 Outfits: c/o Aurelia (Facebook Page)

 Hope you enjoyed reading the post as a small ode to our womanhood!
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Sunday, 14 May 2017

How To Style Asymmetrical Denims ft. Estrolo

I have a huge fascination for denims & this crazy obsession of mine leads me to shop from various places with off beat styles. Even though yes, style does matter but it's the FIT that actually makes all the difference for me. One such brand I came across rather recently was ESTROLO. Honestly, even though I ordered these pair of denims online, the sizing & fit was fabulous!

The pretty flowy top made an appearance from my closet almost 3 years after it was purchased from Zara, haha! The belt from H&M was the fun element I added to match not the outfit but the pretty tree in the backdrop. Such a beautiful little space in my locality! 

The website had a variety of denims in various styles along with leggings, jeggings & t-shirts. Since I had been on the hunt for a good, basic pair of asymmetrical bottom denims, I was finally happy to find one on the website which I bought, of course! These denims were super basic, so styling them was easy-peasy. For my makeup, I experimented with the Hyper Glossy Liquid Liners from Maybelline in the shades: Electro Shock & Lazer Green.
Just be picky when it comes to the footwear. The bottom being asymmetrical, bulky shoes like sneakers, wedges, clogs, mules etc is something  I personally prefer to avoid. Slimmer heels work best & I styled these denims with a pair of blue & green suede peep toe heels that I got customized from FERMAH SHOES a while ago. 

Take a peek at what ESTROLO has to offer for many more awesome denim styles & enjoy the pictures in the meanwhile!

Outfit Details:
Top: Zara
Denims: c/o ESTROLO
Peep Toe Heels: c/o Fermah Shoes (customized)
Belt: H&M
Eye Liner: c/o Maybelline

I hope you enjoyed reading my post!
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Saturday, 25 March 2017

Travel Diaries : Dubai ( Burj Khalifa )

I recently traveled to Dubai along with my brother & as usual, I planned it out all by myself. I wanted to share my experiences and some tips for those who wish to travel to Dubai any time soon! Emirates is THE place to be during the shopping festival i.e between December to February as the weather, much to my surprise, was very chilly! I literally needed warm clothes as I was shivering almost every place I went! My 3 hour flight was scheduled to depart from Mumbai & I wanted to book my visit to the Burj Khalifa once I land. (Definitely recommend booking your tickets online rater than getting them on the spot as one can avail many discounts & land up paying a much cheaper amount than usual!) Soon, my flight arrived at the Dubai International Airport & I logged into the free airport wifi but somehow instead of booking my Burj Khalifa experience for the coming weekend, I booked it for the very same day by mistake!! To top that, the timing mentioned was 08:30am and It was 07:30am then, at the airport already!! I was almost shitting bricks when customer care informed me that they were helpless in helping me reschedule & I decided to rush to the Burj, with all my luggage, even though i'd be super late! I was literally, so sleepy from the travel, I bet it showed on my bare, makeup less face! Moreover, THIS was not how I wanted to look while visiting the world's tallest building! :|

Nonetheless, once my brother & I got there, the Burj looked magnificent! It was so tall, I couldn't even see the top from the ground due to the clouds. But that disappointed me. If it was cloudy, that meant I may not have the best view from the top & I was almost disappointed but thought of going up anyway! We were relieved as they did consider us even though we were late & we finally managed to ascent towards the top! The lift in itself was an exciting ride! The floor numbers on the screen literally do not stop till you reach the 124th floor! on the 100th floor my ears shut down due to the altitude so imagine the 124th & 125th floor! Haha! After we had our fill of the breathtaking views we were treated to a lavish breakfast at the world's highest restaurant, At.mosphere. The breakfast had options of cute mini burgers, pastries, juices & various teas. I leave you with some fun pictures!

Visa: Approx 5k (e-visa)
Flights: Approx 10k-20k (Jan-March)
Hotel: Approx 10k per night (4 star +)
AirBnB: Approx 4k-7k per night (Downtown Dubai)
Burj Khalifa Tickets: Approx 2k-4k per person (varies as per time)
Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo: 2k per person
Abu Dhabi Day Tour: 3k per person 
Desert Safari: 2k per person

Total Cost: Approx 50k-80k per person

Hope you enjoyed reading about my experience at the Burj Khalifa!
Remaining posts about my travels will be up on the blog very soon! Stay Tuned!
Special thanks to Visit Dubai!
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T-Shirt: Zara
Denims: c/o Splash
Shoes: c/0 Adidas
Bag: Forever 21
Sunglasses: Zara
Watch: c/o Casio
Bracelet: c/o Swarovski

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